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KC Makes Music is an independent Hip Hop artist based in central Connecticut. His first Studio album "Powerless" was released in 2018 and reach #72 on the Apple Music Hip Hop charts. With a combined social media following of over 200k, he has always highlighted his talent as a way to put a spotlight on anything from mental health, struggle with addiction, overcoming life obstacles and losing friends, to good times with friends, successes, relationships, and life in general. Showcasing his hard hitting lyrics and catchy melodies, he has been able to travel the country performing his songs for the last four years, from his first national tour in 2019, to a number of shows and events spanning from Connecticut to Texas. He continues to work on music daily at the studios he owns in central CT- Brightside Creative, as well as releasing music to his average 40k monthly Spotify listener base. A crowd favorite seen through his live performances, he is guaranteed to get you up and moving!

You can learn more about KC's music by visiting his artist Youtube page!

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